Studies show that attending or viewing online the classes in Winfield Chiropractic’s workshop series helps people achieve their wellness goals faster and helps them stay well. The workshops will help you to learn about the common misconceptions regarding modern day “health care” and find out what you can do to improve your health and the health of your family, safely, naturally, and effectively. Join us for any of our complimentary classes when available.  Reserve you seats signing up at the front desk or by calling;


Guests are always welcome!

Classes are held at Winfield Chiropractic (unless otherwise indicated)


It’s confusing out there… everyday we hear something about health and wellness that either conflicts with what we thought we knew or is something we just aren’t doing. We want to help you cut through all the wives tales, urban legends and just plain fiction that is being promoted today as health and wellness. What you’ll discover is our office is here to help people learn what they need to know in order to create wellness and to grow their health and their family’s health year after year over the course of their lives.

To schedule a Presentation for your group, call (620) 221-1990